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M.C. Escher

Dutch artist M. C. Escher (1898–1972) is known for his striking prints that often defy the realm of possibility: stairways that never end, interlocking animals that appear as both figure and background, images that seem both flat and volumetric at once. But you might be surprised to learn that Escher was motivated by a deep sense of wonder at the natural laws of the […]

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John Frame

Sculptor John Frame has lived and worked in Southern California since the early 1980s. In 2006, he began conceptualizing and creating the objects, film, and photographs contained in Three Fragments of a Lost Tale. In keeping with his signature style of finely carved wooden sculpture, Frame has developed an intricately fractured story featuring a cast […]

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Year of the Dog

Year of the Dog deeply examines the profound human-animal bond, from a cultural obsession with our canine companions, as well as the opposing attitude of disposability and disregard for the very same creatures. Featuring six highly renowned American artists working across media and each addressing a different facet of the theme, Year of the Dog […]

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Alex Harris

Documentary Photographer Alex Harris began creating images of Northern New Mexico in the 1970s, exploring how the interiors and exteriors of homes and vehicles expressed people’s lives in their particular place. This exhibition features a selection of nearly three dozen photographs from Harris’ series Red White Blue and God Bless You, taken between 1979 and […]

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Baseera Khan: Iamuslima

Organized by Participant Inc. (New York, NY), this exhibition presents works by artist Baseera Khan that complicate common notions of Muslim women through the artist’s self-exploration of personal history and current geopolitical circumstances. Khan is a New York-based artist whose work shares experiences of exile and kinship shaped by economic, popular cultural, and political situations. […]

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